Frequently Asked Questions

You do not have the colour im looking for?  Please contact me and let me know what colour your are looking for, if it is to match a dress, you can show me a picture. I will do my best to match the colour you are needing.

How do i stop my jewellery from tarnishing?  All jewellery will tarnish at some stage, some quicker than others. The way to avoid this is to make sure you keep the jewellery in a clip shut plastic bag with an anti-tarnish tab (supplied with purchase) when you are not wearing it. Also avoid direct contact with water or perfume as oils and chemicals can add to tarnishing.

Does my Jewellery come in a gift box ready for giving? Yes all jewellery comes in a gift box or linen bag (free of charge), so you won’t have to go and purchase one.

You only have one of each item, i want 8 bridesmaid bracelets, can you do more?  Please contact me to advise how many you would require and when, and i will do my best to make sure they are available.

Are your items made by Swarovski? No I use genuine Swarovski™ Crystalised Elements sourced from a Swarovski retailer, which I then use to make my own jewellery. 

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